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    2. The following table shows some of Cree’s active patent licensing programs. Each program provides rights to certain Cree patents needed to manufacture products within the program description scope. Cree will also develop customized licensing programs to address your specific product.

      If you would like further information about these programs or licensing other Cree patents, please send an email to licensing@cree.com.

      License Program Program Description
      AlN Substrates License to manufacture and sell crystalline aluminum nitride.
      Ultraviolet Photodiodes License to make and sell SiC-based ultraviolet photodiodes.
      SiC Materials License to manufacture and sell SiC wafers and epitaxial layers.
      Doherty Amplifiers License to manufacture and sell Doherty-based amplifiers.
      GaN Power Devices License to manufacture and sell GaN power devices.
      LED Chips License to manufacture and sell LED chips.
      LED Components License to manufacture and sell LED components.