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    2. Document Submission (All Sites)

      Contractors: Submit information using the Contractor EHS Qualification Form.
      Before beginning, please have the below information available:

      • Name of your Cree-Wolfspeed Sponsor (a Cree-Wolfspeed employee or contracted Project Manager that is your primary point of contact for work performed.)
      • NAICS Code
      • Annual average number of employees
      • If applicable (will need the last 3 years of data):
        • OSHA recordable data from Form 300A
        • Experience Modification Rates (EMR)
        • Annual hours worked

      Note: The below link is not intended for use by Field Service Engineers, Consultants, Vendors, Professional Service Providers, or Delivery and Pick-up personnel. These contractor types should contact your Cree, Inc. sponsor or representative for further instruction.

      Access the Contractor EHS Qualification Form

      Durham, NC Sites

      We hope your work at Cree-Wolfspeed sites will be safe and productive. Please review the Contractor EHS Handbook (Durham, NC) and follow all information provided within the handbook, by your supervisor, and you sponsor when performing work at Cree-Wolfspeed facilities. The information contained within the Contractor EHS Handbook is not comprehensive of all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to contractors. You are expected to apply with all applicable regulatory requirements as explained and directed by your supervisor.

      Training (Durham, NC Sites)

      Upon receiving a Rating Notification from EH&S of an approved rating, all your company’s employees who need to have access to Cree-Wolfspeed sites will be required to complete the Durham Contractor EHS Training. Kindly do not attempt to complete the training prior to EH&S notification; we must enter your company information (from the Contractor EHS Qualification Form) into the training system before you will have access.

      Durham Contractor EHS Training

      Please direct any questions related to safety requirements to EHSContractorsDurham@cree.com

      Security Clearance

      New Company:
      Cree Contractor Security Requirements (Durham)
      Cree Contractor Security Requirements (Morgan Hill)

      Cree Contractor Access Control Program
      Contractor Nationality Verification

      Existing Company/ Clear New Contract Employees:
      Sample Compliance Letter (Durham)
      Sample Compliance Letter (Morgan Hill)

      Sample Consent Form (Durham)
      Sample Consent Form (Morgan Hill)

      Contractor Access Acknowledgement (Durham)
      Contractor Access Acknowledgement (Morgan Hill)

      Daily Access Lists: Who should we expect? (contractors with photo badges do not need to be on an access list)

      View Daily Access List

      Security Document Submission: To ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible, please submit all security documents and correspondence to: Contractor_Access@cree.com or #CREE_Security_Contractor_Access