Cree Values

Our values are a simple, yet powerful, reflection of who we are and how we act; they are in all that we say, do and achieve for Cree. They reflect both our great history of disruptive innovation and set the tone for the exciting future ahead. We do amazing things in a human way.

Cree employees from around the world across every business function shared their thoughts about our values through focus groups, emails and conversations. As a result, we’ve established principles that represent what we want the experience to be for our employees as well as the customers, partners and communities we serve.

Cree Values: Integrity and Respect

Integrity and

We always act with integrity and respect for our people, workplace and community. Relationships matter. We value everyone's contribution and an environment of spirited and open debate.

We do the right thing, and we say, "Thank You."

Cree Values: Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and Accountability

We are accountable to each other and committed to the highest standards of work and behavior.

We succeed or fail together.

Cree Values: Ingenuity and Passion

Ingenuity and Passion

Our passion for making the world better through innovation means we take risks and question conventional thinking, developing new technologies and ways of doing business—leading the way, every single day.

We do what others say can't be done.

These values sustain our culture and guide every decision we make, how we interact, how we operate our business and what we make possible.